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Welcome to McNulty Counseling and Wellness

Tired of trying the same old things to feel better and not getting results?

Are you feeling worn out from stress and anxiety?

Do you feel stuck?

We’re here to help!

Whether you’re inquiring about counseling services for yourself or for a loved one, by being here, you’ve already taken the courageous first step in getting the help that you deserve. Life can be an overwhelming challenge that can leave us feeling mentally helpless and physically exhausted. Sooner than later, anxiety and stress begin to affect our family life, jobs, friendships, performance, physical health, sleep, and overall enjoyment of life; the list goes on. It’s important to understand that no matter what you’re going through, that change is always possible even though it may not seem like it. Our team of expert clinicians have helped thousands of clients like yourself to overcome problematic thinking and seemingly unbreakable behavioral patterns, while restoring vitality to both mental and physical health through our counseling sessions.

How can McNulty Counseling help me and my situation?

We can handle the hard stuff! There is no problem, too big or too small, that we can’t help with when it comes to mental health counseling. McNulty Counseling and Wellness was created so that no matter what you’re going through, we have a counselor on staff that specializes in helping you heal from whatever difficulty you are currently facing. It’s the McNulty Mission to break the stigma about receiving mental health counseling, giving people the best psychotherapy, and to empower, long-term, sustainable change to better the people who make up our St. Petersburg community.  Our counselors provide their expertise in the following areas and populations:

  • Children
  • Teens
  • College Students
  • Adults
  • Parent
  • LGBTQ+

Our counselors are the difference!

Successful therapy depends on the relationship between you and the therapist. If you don’t hit it off, it won’t work. We have seen countless clients who have had either a poor counseling experience in the past in addition to those who were initially hesitant to attend therapy that leave the first session feeling confident and at peace in knowing they connect with the person who understands what they’re going through.

Our goal is to improve the mental health of as many people as possible in the Pinella County area.  Our therapists are experts and provide a wide range of counseling services.  Contact McNulty Counseling today to get started!

Meet The Team

Travis McNulty

Founder, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Guardian ad Litem

Carolyn McNulty

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Guardian ad Litem

McNulty Counseling and Wellness l Mental Health Services l St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Deveney Ching

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Lindsey Brooks

Licensed Mental Health counselor and Certified Art Therapist

Soula Hareas

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

By Being Here,
You Are Already Taking The
Courageous First Step.

Our office is located in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg. It was created with convenience in mind so that we can better serve our St. Pete community and the rest of the Tampa Bay area.

The McNulty Mission

I’ve created this counseling center of expert clinicians with a wide array of specialties so no matter what your current problem or what you’re going through, we have a therapist on staff that specializes in helping you overcome whatever obstacle you may be facing in life from a balanced and holistic perspective that promotes positive change and mental well being that lasts a lifetime.

Travis McNulty l Mental Health Counselor l Pinellas County, FL 33701
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