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Couples and Marriage Counseling

The McNulty Counseling Team Specializes in Couples and Marriage Counseling

The average couple waits about six years before seeking any kind of professional help. If you’re at the point where some of the statements below pertain to your situation, it may be time (or even past time) for you and your partner to pick up the phone and make that call.

Why couples seek therapy:

  • We seem to argue about the same two or three things over and over without ever getting anywhere.
  • We can’t seem to talk anymore without getting defensive or critical towards one another.
  • We act like roommates, acquaintances, or even business partners with little to no romance or intimacy.
  • I feel uncomfortable with conflict, and I feel like I can’t bring up how I’m feeling inside without it being misunderstood or misconstrued.
  • My partner is so emotional that when they bring something up I avoid the situation completely or close off.
  • We are having issues with sexual functioning in our relationship and would like guidance on how to improve.
  • There has been infidelity, and we don’t know what to do next.

Most problems in relationships stem from a lack of communication. To make things worse, emotions run high when the dynamics above become the norm. Couples become overwhelmed without the right communication skills making conversation even more difficult and frustrating. Couples feel confused because it’s difficult to know where to go to learn these skills, and for some, discussing these issues with a therapist may feel uncomfortable. However, therapy is a safe place to learn, utilize, and practice the techniques of healthy communication in our relationships. Our couples counselors at McNulty Counseling and Wellness specialize in helping couples to learn or relearn ways of talking to and hearing their partner while simultaneously being heard, understood, and accepted for who they are. We teach couples proven ways to effectively converse by introducing the idea of conflict as something that can be positive when handled the right way. They learn how to change the conversation styles that lead to contempt, defensiveness, criticism, and stonewalling.


Couples learn:

  • How to approach and discuss sensitive topics that are causing emotional separation.
  • New problem solving techniques to find areas of compromise and understanding.
  • Effective tools to help rebuild their trust and friendship.
  • How to explore each other’s value systems in ways that are encouraging and accepting rather than threatening and disapproving.

Couples counseling can help improve relationships in the following areas:

  • Remove the anger and sadness of feeling misunderstood and unappreciated.
  • Resolve recurring problems by getting to the root of the disconnect and then addressing and resolving the underlying issues.
  • Going from little or no emotional connection with your partner to revitalizing the love and connectivity that was once there.
  • Rebuild trust and optimism in the relationship.
  • Create a lasting bond of renewed admiration and emotional connectivity to your partner.

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