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Theodosia Soula Hareas

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

More About Me

As a wife and mother of three I know very well how difficult life can be for parents and their children these days. The challenges can be overwhelming and keeping your head above water can feel like a daily task. When life makes you feel this way, then it begins to negatively impact other areas of your life. The transition for many women from wife to mother or working mom to stay at home mom or vice versa can make any woman anxious and cause negative feelings towards themselves, their spouse and even their children. These feelings can be worked through but need to be addressed before they begin to deteriorate the marriage and family unit. I have many clients who are parents of teens or college age children and I understand that the academic pressures can compound with everyday stressors leading to strained relationships. Many times these stressors are challenging to manage but with understanding and guidance, families can move past them successfully and become closer.

As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor I began my career working with victims of trauma and continued to help those who have experienced difficulty in their lives due to trauma. I have also worked within several agencies with those who struggle with Depression, Anxiety, and other more severe issues. These include BiPolar, ADHD, Court Ordered Reunification Therapy through individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Couples and of course Family Therapy. My experience also includes play therapy with children to include behavioral issues such as anger management, test Anxiety, physical/sexual abuse, and Depression. I am a very active member of our community with several charities and nonprofit organizations. Because of this I have had the opportunity to life coach executive and other high profile clients who need help balancing their demanding lives.

I believe that the most important indicator of success in therapy for any client is how comfortable the client feels with their therapist. I put my clients at ease so they can freely express whatever they are struggling with. Only when this occurs can a client truly benefit from therapy. Once that burden is lifted from them and their comfort level is established with me- the work can begin in a positive and practical manner. I will incorporate therapeutic interventions I feel will not only be the best fit for the client but will also sustain their level of comfort with me. Finally, as we work through this issues, my hope is that my client leaves counseling with me feeling that whatever they’re going through, it’s ok because not only did they survive but they came out of it with the skills needed to continue to live their life successfully.

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If you are looking for an understanding mental health therapist in the St. Pete area who can help you move forward and rediscover yourself, please contact McNulty Counseling today and ask for Soula. Soula is an expert in counseling for women’s issues, domestic violence, parenting struggles and much more.

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