Colleen Gigante

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Colleen Gigante

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Education and Experience

I fell in love with this career while I was a high school teacher. As a teacher I realized that many young people see their unique attributes as flaws – when really, these “flaws” could actually become strengths when guided and nurtured in a healthy way. 

When further pursuing this career, I went on to receive my graduate degree at Argosy University and my bachelor’s degree at the university of UNC, Chapel Hill. I was the recipient of the Strathmore’s “Who’s Who Worldwide” award for exemplifying leadership and achievement in my profession. I gained my experiences while working at a Trauma Center, Baker Act Unit, Substance Abuse Community Center for Children and Adults, and this roller coaster we call life. This career choice means that I get the opportunity to help others realize their own inner strength and beauty, which is incredibly rewarding for me. 

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5 Fun Facts about Colleen:

    • I was in the United States Marine Corp
    • As a teacher my students always came to me for emotional support which inspired me to become a therapist
    • In boot camp I was nicknamed “smiley” because I could not stop smiling
    • I am a mom of two beautiful daughters
    • I lived in Japan for 2 years

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